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Professional service to ensure the liquidity of GectaCoin

Gecta Custody Services provides support services and the exchange of cryptocurrency GectaCoin, that ensures its liquidity for the possibility to use it freely as means of payment.


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The Company Gecta Custody Services Ltd. performs the role of an agent in the process of convenient and easy exchange of cryptocurrency GectaCoin for Fiat money and other cryptocurrency assets. The main objective of the Company is to make cryptocurrency GectaCoin a full participant in the electronic payments market as well as to ensure its liquidity. For these purposes, Gecta Custody Services established an internal reserve fund, Custody Fund, to support GectaCoin in the market and adopted a policy of compliance with the Rise Over Market technology, aimed at ensuring continuous growth rate of GectaCoin. This approach creates a number of advantages for GectaCoin in regards to other cryptocurrencies in the today's market.

Gectacoin Exchange Rate

0.1615 0.1265 0.0965 Buy rate Selling rate Medium Selling rate High 0.1015
0.0 %
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Custody Fund

The principle of operation of the Custody Fund is aimed at supporting a stable exchange rate of GectaCoin!

Custody Fund is the holder of assets and liabilities, which are allocated to three accounts: Custody fund, Reserve GCT fund, Free Float fund. This distribution allows to provide high liquidity of GectaCoin, and makes it possible to use this currency as a financial tool.

The table below shows an example of the distribution of the balance and movement of assets in the Custody Fund:


The first step reflects the initial account balance.

  • Custody fund
  • Reserve GCT fund
  • Free Float fund
  • 0
  • 1000
  • 0 GCT

The second step involves selling the GCT for the market needs. Namely, 60 EUR that fall under Custody Fund, were used for buying 600 GCT, which enter the Free Float market. The selling rate was 0.10000 EUR.

  • Custody fund
  • Reserve GCT fund
  • Free Float fund
  • 60
  • 400
  • 600 GCT

During the next stage of cryptocurrency circulation within the market, a commission is charged, which is returned in favor of Custody Fund. For example, the commission for the current period is 2 GCT, therefore, the Reserve GCT fund is increased to 402 GCT, and Free Float fund is correspondingly decreased to 598 GCT. Thus, Custody Fund is able to repurchase the entire amount of GCT in free circulation for the same amount of money allocated to the Custody Fund at the new rate of 0.1003 EUR.

  • Custody fund
  • Reserve GCT fund
  • Free Float fund
  • 60
  • 402
  • 598 GCT

In the final step, we obtain the initial condition, in which all obligations of the Custody Fund are repaid, and we get the initial state of the balance of assets and liabilities in the accounts. During the period when the Custody Fund does not sell any coins, the exchange rate of GectaCoin cryptocurrency grows steadily.

  • Custody fund
  • Reserve GCT fund
  • Free Float fund
  • 0
  • 1000
  • 0 GCT

The growth of GectaCoin exchange rate is directly proportional to the popularity of cryptocurrency, this leads to the increase in the number of operations within the Free Float.

Custody fund

715 903.81

Free Float Fund

34 941 886.05016929

Reserve GCT fund

67 130 267.86525387

Rise Over Market

The Rise Over Market policy is aimed at a continuous growth rate of GectaCoin cryptocurrency due:

  • Transaction commissions

    Reducing the amount of cryptocurrency in free circulation due to transaction fees.

  • Exchange rate difference

    The growth of the Custody Fund is realized with the help of commission charged for exchange rate differences during the process of buying and selling of the cryptocurrency.

  • Commercial revenue

    The growth of the Custody Fund due to the income from the commercial use of GectaHPC BlockChain.

  • Market trading

    The growth of the Custody Fund due to the selling of cryptocurrency at the high market exchange rate in comparison with the official one.

The bigger the popularity and use of GectaCoin are, the more effective the Rise Over Market policy is.


Become A Partner, Gain Profit With Us!

The cryptocurrency exchange is made through our partners. At the moment, the first strategic partner is the PayChi payment system. We are open to expanding cooperation and accept offers from other participants of the cryptocurrency market, engaged in the process of cryptocurrencies exchange.

Corporate Plans

More benefits for GectaCoin owners!

cryptocurrency picture

The creation of our own innovative cryptocurrency exchange, GectaExchange, within the global financial ecosystem, whose unit of account is GectaCoin.

GectaExchange will provide increased opportunities for GectaCoin owners:

– Protection against losses as a result of trading commissions due to the need for the bidding of GectaCoin on other cryptocurrency exchanges.

– Construction of additional business at the expense of trading commissions and bidding of new cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments to the exchange market.

– Increase the commercial use of GectaHPC BlockChain to create and support new financial instruments that will expand the functionality of GectaExchange.

– Exchange of GectaCoin to other popular cryptocurrencies, as well as the strengthening of market principles of liquidity, by ensuring supply and demand.


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